About us

Who is seed trust

Agro Trust Seed Company, a customer-operated, global company, is enjoying continued success. During the last years we have welcomed new partners in different parts of the seed world, increasing our sales, our research and development programs.

Our mission is to provide our clients with innovative, yet proven high quality vegetable seeds for professional fresh markets and processing industry. We are committed to excellence in seed services and superior customer service through accountable quality assurance programs and innovative testing programs. We specialize in developing, producing and marketing superior vegetable, hybrids and open pollinated seed in abroad and also in domestic market. It has a relatively young company staff with high experienced and motivated team members that successfully developed high quality varieties of products that match international standards.

Our Vision

To be one among Top 10 Seeds Companies and among Top 5 Vegetable and crop Seeds Companies in east Africa by 2020 – 24.

Our Mission

To realize our vision every member at agro trust Seeds Company will adopt consequential values of the company and inculcate sustainable business practices. In our endeavor to reach the goal, team agro trust seeds company would uphold all brand promises to its stakeholders

Our Values

  1. We are dedicated to the pursuit of peaceful change in communities divided by conflict.
  2. We recognize that there are many possible paths to peace. We do not prescribe or advocate for particular political solutions, nor are we affiliated with any political party or religious institution.
  3. Our Seeds and Educators are at the heart of everything we do, as it is their realities and futures that are most affected by the conflicts that define their lives. They hold a wide range of beliefs and opinions on how to end the conflicts within and between their societies. Their common ground, however, is the belief in and commitment to dialogue and informed leadership as the basis for meaningful change and the most effective tools in the pursuit of peace.


  • Sustainable high yield
  • Taste to be revered by end consumer
  • Resistance to diseases
  • Easy to produce by the seed producer
  • Reduction in operating expenses
  • Maximum profit margins
  • All this without altering / affecting the basic nature of the crop and environment.
  • We will continue in our commitment to provide the very best service to you.