Seed Trust Co. Ltd brings years of experience and understanding to the specialized requirements of the international seed and vegetable market. Dynamically optimizing genetic potential is the corner-stone sustaining our ability to supply the best seed varieties now and in the future. This target gives our growers every advantage in raising top quality on a consistent and reliable basis. The objective of satisfying today´s uncompromising consumer is achievable. Seed Trust Co. Ltd also provides the expertise of support in agronomics and growing techniques. Cooperating with worldwide leading freight forwarding companies and courier Services lets us offer short lead times. Beside product presentations and –trainings we are hosting annual field day-events worldwide. Customer wishes as well as actual market trends have influence in developing new products.

Worldwide working

With seeds & service the Agro Trust Seed  group is offering global resources and partners to work locally for maximum customer satisfaction.

The future

Profit by the global breeding program with our partners for optimum economic and field results throughout the whole supply chain.

From seeds to sales

With all possible knowhow transfer from the breeding field and product development to marketing and sales.

Seeds technology

Innovative technology in filmcoating, fungicide- and insecticide treatment and pillcoating – we love seeds to make our customers and growers successful!